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Teste de nivelamento para ingresso em Língua Inglesa I e Língua Inglesa II

I. Grammar, vocabulary and usage

Choose the right answer.

1. Isabel and Jack _____ in a hotel room. Jack _____ a waiter and Isabel _____ in the gift shop.
A) lives / is / work
B) live / is / works
C) are living / work / work
D) live / works / works

2. “What _____ your wife _____ ?” “She is a housewife.”
A) do / do
B) did / do
C) do / does
D) does / do

3. _____ you tired? _____ you work a lot? _____ your boss friendly?
A) Are / Are / Is
B) Do / Are / Does
C) Do / Are / Do
D) Are / Do / Is

4. Mary Wilson is American, but _____ lives in Tokyo because _____ husband, Takeshi, is Japanese. Takeshi loves Tokyo, but _____ wife doesn’t like _____ .
A) she / her / her / it
B) she / your / his / her
C) they / your / her / her
D) she / her / his / it

5. “Where does your brother live?” “_____ London.”
A) From
B) On
C) At
D) In

6. I live _____ the second floor.
A) in
B) on
C) at
D) next to

7. “How old are you? What do you do?”
A) “I’m 25. I work and study.”
B) “I’m 25 years. Yes, I do.”
C) “25 years. I’m going shopping
D) “I have 25. No, I don’t.”

8. “Is there _____ coffee in the pot?’ “Yes, there is _____ .”
A) any / some
B) any / any
C) a / some
D) some / any

9. I’d like a _____ of jam.
A) jar
B) can
C) glass
D) bottle

10. Can I have a _____ of soda, please?
A) can
B) jar
C) carton
D) pack

11. Where _____ you born? _____ your mother born in Porto Alegre?
A) are / Is
B) are / Are
C) were / Was
D) did / Was

12. “Mark _____ a new car two days ago.” “I heard he _____ it to his wife.”
A) buys / give
B) bought / gave
C) had / gave
D) bought / give

13. Susan didn’t _____ to Europe last month because she didn’t _____ enough money.
A) goes / have
B) go / have
C) went / had
D) go / had

14. In Brazil drivers _____ wear a seatbelt.
A) has to
B) can
C) have to
D) could

15. Passengers _____ smoke on the plane.
A) mustn’t
B) can’t
C) couldn’t
D) haven’t

16. I think the city is _____ than the country.
A) much noisy
B) more noisy
C) noisier
D) noisy

17. I think the country is _____ than the city.
A) more peaceful
B) peaceful
C) much peaceful
D) most peaceful

18. “What’s the _____ river in the world?” “The Amazon River, actually.”
A) long
B) longer
C) more long
D) longest

19. “_____ you like some coffee?” “Yes,_____ .”
A) Do / please
B) Would / thanks
C) Would / please
D) Did / of course

20. “How _____ sugar do you take in your coffee?” “One teaspoon.”
A) much
B) many
C) little
D) often

21. “_____ your arm?” “No, never.”
A) Do you break
B) Did you break
C) Have you ever broken
D) Did you ever break

22. It wasn’t _____ this morning, so I decided to play tennis outdoors.
A) sunny
B) raining
C) snow
D) rain

23. The plane didn’t take off at 7 a.m. because of the _____ .
A) raining
B) fog
C) foggy
D) cloud

24. “Excuse me. Where is the drugstore?” “It’s on Prince Street. Take the first street on the left. Go _____ for two blocks. _____ right. The drugstore is on the left. It’s _____ the supermarket.”
A) straight / take / on
B) ahead / turn / on
C) ahead / turn / opposite
D) away / take / opposite

25. It _____ when I _____ this morning.
A) rained / was waking up
B) was cold / wake up
C) was raining / woke up
D) is raining / wake up

26. Smoking is a _____ habit.
A) badly
B) bad
C) wrongly
D) well

27. Our team played _____ last Sunday and lost the game.
A) well
B) bad
C) badly
D) wrong

28. “What do you want to do next weekend?”
A) “I went to the beach with my friends.”
B) “I’d like to go to the beach with my friends.”
C) “I like going to the beach with my friends.”
D) “I go to the beach with my friends.”

29. Students _____ not to eat or drink in the library.
A) asked
B) are asked
C) ask
D) asks

30. This film _____ in 1965. It’s an old film.
A) made
B) makes
C) was made
D) were made

II. Reading comprehension

     The year is 2147. It is a normal day in Warren Number 5. It is always a normal day here. Today is no different from yesterday or tomorrow. In Warren Number 5 there are no seasons: there is no spring or summer or autumn or winter. There is no difference between day and night. The only light is electric; natural light does not exist. Most people do not know the word ‘sun’.

     Everybody lives in a Warren. A Warren is a very big city under the ground. Think of the Paris metro or the London tube, but a thousand times bigger. And a Warren is not a transport system; people live there all the time. They are there all their lives, from the day they are born to the day they die. People must live in a Warren. They cannot leave their city under the ground. Millions and millions of people live in these Warrens. There are nine Warrens in the world and Warren Number 5 is the biggest.

     Buckledee, S. Permission to Leave: Three Short Stories. London: Richmond, 1997. p. 7

Mark A (true) or B (false), according to the text.
31. The text describes an imaginary city.
32.‘Number 5’ is a house number.
33.Night and day are the same in a Warren.
34. A Warren, the Paris metro and the London tube are transport systems.
35. People choose to live in a Warren.
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