Tecnopuc PUCRS Maristas

Tecnopuc: people, creativity and innovation.

A book by Jorge Audy and Patricia Knebel

From the mastering of the human brain to the study of the strength of oceanic rocks for the extraction of natural resources. From the clean energy generated from the sun to the power of algorithms and softwares, the foundation of the unlimited capacity of communication in the ever-connected contemporary world.

Through solar energy research structures, software development, oil and gas, and neuroscience, competent and obstinate scientists generate knowledge to change society life. From start-up companies to global giants, knowledge gives rise to new innovations every day. These enter the markets through products and services, bringing about change in our lifestyles. Tecnopuc is all this. And its story is only beginning.

After one decade of research oriented toward fostering innovation and development, Tecnopuc continues to shows that when Academia, the productive sector and the governments work together, society wins. The results generated here contribute to significant improvements in the quality of life of people, thus creating a better world.

Our ride through PUCRS' Science and Technology Park begins now. Hold your breath.